Efficient, Quick and Reliable Printer Repairs Services

The office printer can be a very important piece of equipment. It is essential that it works properly. It needs to be maintained and serviced. At some point, it could be replaced with another reliable machine. All these points need to be properly addressed. Skilled technicians at GOM Sydney has today can provide a comprehensive service for all types of office printers.

An All Round Service

GOM SydneyThere are various repair services GOM Sydney has to offer for all types of printers. This includes Laser Printers, Bubble Jet Printers, Plotters, Fax Machines and Photocopiers. This could range from a simple Bubble Jet printer sitting next top a PC to a very complex Multifunction Printer. Added to this is the range of different products and companies that supply all these machines. Each will use their own printing ink, toner, rollers, parts and accessories. If there is an emergency, there has to be total confidence that a technician can sort out all these problems and get a printer working quickly and effectively again. It is best to contact experts in GOM Sydney has to offer for solving a whole range of printer problems.

A Mobile Service

The printers repairs services have a unique feature which goes a long way in providing a quick and efficient service. There are mobile workshops based in a number of locations across the entire Sydney area. This means that once a booking is made, a van with a qualified technician will quickly reach an office or organization where a problem has been reported. The van carries all the necessary parts, tools and equipment to deal with any eventuality that might present.

No Hidden Charges

With repairing printers, there will be no hidden or extra costs added. If there are major problems with a printer or a piece of equipment then this can be taken back to the workshop and repaired. Global Office Machines will replace this with a comparable printer on loan until the repairs have been completed. All parts that have been replaced will be guaranteed for three months.

It might be the case that repairing the printer will cost more than the actual present real value of the printer. The technician will then advise the company about possibly buying a replacement machine either from Global Office Machines or elsewhere.

There is only one call out fee for the repair of a printer. If a subsequent visit is necessary this will still be part of the fee. This payment covers the work needed to get the job done. There might be further charges only for more parts if they are needed. A quote will be given and only when the client agrees will the work proceed.

Major Printer Brands

Global Office Machines can service and repair a whole range of commonly used printers. They do have special HP service along with a similar one for Canon Printers. There will be no cutting of corners. All specified replacement parts, toners, printing inks etc will be those authorized by Hewlett-Packard and Canon. This is very important when a complex printer, such as a multifunction printer needs to be repaired or serviced.

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