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The attic at the top of the house can easily be forgotten. There are a number of reasons why this should not happen. Homeowners need to understand that hot air rises. So in the winter, money is literally going through the roof, if the loft is not properly insulated. But the summer months could still be overlooked. There are equally important considerations that should not be forgotten. The situation is reversed in the summer, temperatures in the roof can reach as high as 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Turning the whole house into an oven, this can strain any air conditioning system to the limit. Again, money is spent. However, there is a solution for finding the best attic ventilation in Roswell Georgia.

 Best attic ventilation in Roswell Georgia
Best attic ventilation in Roswell Georgia

Starting with ventilation, what can be offered? A power attic ventilator is designed to draw all the heat from the attic. This will reduce the overall temperature throughout the whole house. There will be no need to keep air conditioning along possibly with fans, on all the time. This will result in a considerable reduction in the cost of electricity. There are a number other important problems that could well arise if action is not taken. Excessive moisture can build up within an attic. Remember hot moist air may be vented into the attic from bathrooms and kitchens below. Molds can then develop in the summer months because untreated attic would be an ideal environment for them. There are also fungi spores and mildew. Vents and ducting leading from and to the attic would be an ideal way of spreading all of this around the house. Bear in mind as well, that excessive heat will start to break down any asphalt shingles. By installing the best attic ventilation in Roswell Georgia, you can be on top of these problems.

In addition, the roof itself could be weakened by the excessive switches in temperature from winter to summer. Ice could collect on rafters and exposed timber during the winter. This may split the timber in the roof. In summer, again there are the molds, and fungus. At worst dry rot might develop. If the timber is looked after it could last a long time. If not, as in nature, it will decay and rot.

As noted in the beginning, there are two sides to this coin, ventilation and insulation. Fiberglass blown insulation can be added to the ceiling at relatively low cost. This will reduce condensation, and overall heating bills. This will also extend the life of a HVAC unit, covering a combined heating, ventilating and air conditioning unit.

The power roof exhaust ventilators are surprisingly small and can be easily installed.

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