Useful Tips to Ensure Strong and Healthy Tips

A lot of the issues that you will face on your feet are completely avoidable if you adopt the right habits for healthy and strong feet.  For example, is running barefoot really a good idea? Should you wear flat shoes all time in order to keep your feet healthy? What is the remedy for those stinky annoying feet? Before you look for a podiatrist Perth offers, there are certain simple tips that you can incorporate in order to ensure your feet are healthy and fit at all times. You might not know it, but a lot of the foot-and-ankle problems can be solved easily through good foot care habits.

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Are Your Feet and Ankles Prone to injury?

A podiatrist in Perth will recommend a certain exercise that you can undertake in case your feet and ankles are more prone to injury.  One of the most common exercises that Perth podiatrists recommend is calf raises. This involves rising high on the tiptoes followed by lowering. This will strengthen muscles connecting to your feet. Other kinds of exercises that you can undertake include the toe curls. In this case, you can perform the exercises by picking up items on your toes on a regular basis.

Doing that frequently will strengthen your foot’s intrinsic muscles and also improve the range of motion of your feet. There is a good reason why you need this range of motion in your toes. If you restrict toe motion, you are likely to throw off the mechanics of your feet and in order to maintain your balance, you have to compensate for that. Something will have to give. So in some instances, you will experience some pain in certain parts of the feet or in the upper parts of your leg. The body is created in such a way that every part is interconnected and putting some strain in one part is very likely to affect other parts of the leg.

Should You Wear Toning Shoes

A trusted podiatrist Perth has today is likely to recommend toning issues, but it is important to understand that these are not just meant for everybody. Toning issues will generally make you walk in a way which is not “natural” and in some cases, they may cause muscle and skeletal pains that did not exist before.

How About the Minimalist or Barefoot Issues

Many Perth podiatrists are likely to recommend the minimalist shoes as a way of solving many feet issues. Human beings were not born with shoes so we are engineered to run or walk barefoot. However, barefoot shoes are not for everybody, particularly those who have been accustomed to wearing shoes with the traditional designs. So you are likely to feel some strain if you suddenly transition from wearing traditional shoe design to the minimalist or flat shoe design. Additionally, the shoes are designed the way they are because most people are not biomechanically perfect so most of the times, it would do you justice to stick to the traditional shoe design.

High Heels

A podiatrist Perth has to offer may not recommend stilettos because the spikes in the shoe design do not offer the wearer of the shoe the best platform. Because of that, you can easily twist your ankle when you are wearing these. Many Perth podiatrists recommend heels with wider bases. It is the best compromise compared to having to talk a woman out of her high heels.

Additional Podiatric Tips

  • Wear cotton socks or those made out of materials that will wick away the moisture.
  • When running barefoot, ensure you do it on a surface that absorbs shock
  • Ensure your shoe fits the longest toes
  • Always cut and file your nails in order to ensure that they do not grow too long
  • Get a sock that fits well and feels comfortable. It shouldn’t be too tight.
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