Ways to Avoid Paper Jam Problems That Attract Frequent Pricey Repairs

Laser printers that easily jam up are a great frustration in most offices today. The next thing anyone using a jammed printer wants to do is throw the machine away through the window. Paper jams in most printers are as a result of electrical and mechanical faults, which only a competent technician can rectify. This suggests that paper jam is one of the major problems that printers develop that causes frequent repairs. To avoid experiencing frequent Lexmark printer repairs, it’s important to do the following.

Use the correct media

If you contact most printer manufacturers, you will note that they recommend printer users to use printing papers with a standard weight of about 80gsm. This ensures the printing work is efficient and reliable. The toner cannot fuse to the papers in the printer without pressure and heat. For this reason, it is important to ensure the media you use is the right one. According to most of those who repair printers often, one should not use inkjet papers because they damage the printer components and they also cause paper jams.

Keep printing papers in dry, warm places

A majority of the problems that printers experience are associated with damp papers. When you incorrectly store papers in the trays or expose them to humid environment, the paper fibers absorb moisture from the air. When you find feed rollers slipping on the printing papers, moisture should be the first culprit to suspect. Dampness causes printing papers to stick together, making it hard for the copier to separate them. Moisture is also responsible for curled papers. Curled papers can’t properly feed through the twists or even turn in the paper path of the copier you are using.

Use high quality printing papers

Poor quality papers are a cause of the many problems printers experience today. Low-quality papers are known to leave dust in the printer that later accumulate to cause paper jam issues. Moreover, poor quality papers are responsible for low quality images that most clients are not happy about. You need to keenly check if the paper grains are of the right quality to avoid feed problems. The low quality and cheap papers you may buy will only expose your printer to frequent and costly Lexmark printer repairs. Check out Printer repairs

Ensure careful paper loading

One may argue that loading papers carefully in the printer is an obvious thing when it’s really not to most printer users. If you load papers poorly, you cannot avoid paper jam issues. One should stack the papers in the tray straight and ensure the tray guides touch the papers on all sides. This helps the printer not to skew and it also helps it detect paper size in the tray automatically. Planning to have the Lexmark repaired today is a sure way of enhancing printer’s efficacy and work quality.

It’s important to know the things that cause frequent printing problems because you can avoid them beforehand. How the printer behaves while printing copies may help you know when exactly you should go for professional Lexmark printer repairs. Many printers develop irreparable problems once the users ignore the small signs on the LED panel.