When to Hire RFID Card Copy and How to Choose the Best Service Provider

Access control technologies continue to innovate and the use of RFID is just one of them. An RFID card uses radio frequency identification to provide access to a home, apartment, or an office. In the event that multiple people will access the same area, RFID card copy comes in handy.



rfid card copy



Many establishments in Sydney are switching to RFID cards. For rental properties, including Airbnb, the switch offers a more convenient and sophisticated option.

Unlike standard keys, the card only needs to get close to a reader to open doors. No more fumbling around with RFID card copy in Sydney.


How RFID Cards Work


An RFID card comes with a chip that will send digital information to a reader when it comes into proximity with it. It does not rely on batteries, which is why they are often referred to as passive keys


It is the reader that gives a small amount of power to send radio waves so it can talk to the cards and communicate back to the access system. There are three main types of radio frequencies used—low frequency (125kHz), high frequency (13.56MHz), and ultra-high frequency (860-960MHz).


When to use Sydney RFID card copy?


  • You need to provide spare RFID cards to friends, housemates, family, or guests authorised to access your home. If you can’t be there to open the doors for them, they should at least get an RFID card copy.
  • You need to provide additional keys for rental tenants, landlords, or Airbnb guests.
  • You need a spare card to access your office building, lift, or car park.
  • You prefer a key card that you can store in your wallet instead of a key fob.
  • You want to convert your RFID card into a key fob.


Factors that make the best RFID card copy service provider


Convenient process


You only need to send a picture of the key to determine if it can be copied. Certain keycards cannot be copied or marked as “Do not Copy” or “Restricted.” The provider will tell you right then and there if a card copy is possible. This saves you time and effort.


Fast copying


Depending on the decryption required, the copying process takes less than 5 minutes. Service providers will decode your key fob data and then transfer it into a blank key fob. In 5 minutes or less, you can use your new copy of RFID card.


Shop visit vs. mobile


Between you visiting a shop and having the service provider come to you, the latter is more convenient. So if you can find a mobile service, jump on it right away.


Secure delivery


If you’re not in Sydney and mobile service is not available in your area, a mail-in service is another option. Because you need to mail your key fob to have it copied, security can be an issue.


Make sure to choose a service provider that guarantees your key fob will not be copied for purposes other than what you hire them for. They should also ensure that the copy will be delivered safe and with no security risks.


Honest customer service


Are there key cards that you can’t copy? A good provider is honest enough to tell you that some cards and fobs cannot be copied, such as HID Prox, Indala, iButton, and Mifare Classic. Anyone who says otherwise isn’t entirely truthful.


Trust Card Clone Sydney. They meet all the criteria above and offers quality RFID card copy service.